ownersWhen Lisa and Loren Mullen decided in 1997 to provide local trash hauling services for Mesa County, who knew that the valley would soon see purple? Lisa Mullen did. It’s her favorite color and purple trucks would certainly get noticed. But getting noticed is one thing; providing quality service and competitive pricing in the face of national competition is another.

As it turns out, Lisa and Loren knew that wasn’t going to be a problem, either. After years working in the industry, they knew that a small, local company could compete successfully and offer better personal service, attention and value to its customers. 17 years later, the company has grown from two trucks and one employee, to 19 trucks and 22 employees. They provide solid and liquid waste removal for more than 12,000 commercial, construction and residential customers in Mesa County.

Rocky Mountain Sanitation • P.O. Box 4349 • Grand Junction, Colorado 81502
(970) 243-9812
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Ready to get purple?

For more information on our services and availability, please contact us by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail.
Mail: Rocky Mountain Sanitation, P.O. Box 4349, Grand Junction, CO 81502
Office Location: 721 23 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado
Phone: (970) 243-9812
Fax: (970) 263-0687
E-mail: purplesttrucks@rockymountainsanitation.com