The following materials require alternative methods of disposal and are not included in your regular service. Check with the Mesa County Landfill or utilize the “What do I do with” feature at the bottom of this page to understand best disposal options.
  • Hazardous Wastes: acids, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, car batteries, caustics, chemicals, dead animals, explosives, fire extinguishers, fluorescent bulbs, herbicides/pesticides, motor oil, paint, poisons, propane/helium tanks, etc.
  • Electronic Waste: computers, monitors, cell phones, televisions, DVD players, tablets, cell phones, anything containing lithium batteries should be taken to a certified E-Waste recycler.
  • Construction and Landscaping Debris: concrete, brick, block, wood, dirt, shingles, rocks, stumps, sod, etc.
  • Tires