Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date please feel free to call our office to make a payment arrangement. We will try to work with you to prevent service interruption.

Suspended Service

We will automatically resume your service if it has been suspended for non-payment when we receive your payment in full. There will be a restart fee added to your next bill. You will be picked up on your next scheduled pickup day. Please pay no later than the day before your next scheduled pickup as we are not…


Late fees are assessed when an account is not paid by the due date. We also charge a $30.00 fee for Returned Checks.

Fuel Surcharge

Due to the large increases in the price of diesel fuel we are forced to institute a fuel sur-charge effective immediately.  We will continue to monitor prices and will remove these charges just as soon as we can.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and kindness.

Collection Agency/Mechanics Liens

If we are unable to collect on an account we will either send it on to our collection agency or file a mechanics lien whichever is appropriate. Additional fees to cover our expenses for collection will be applied.